Campus Best Practice

An important part of the GÉANT project, Campus Best Practice (CBP) aims to address key challenges for European campus networks. The CBP Team does this by organising working groups and providing an evolving and to-the-point set of best-practice documents (BPDs) for the community. Dissemination of results on a European-wide level is a key objective.

The working methods build on the experiences from UNINETT’s GigaCampus project (2006-2009). Each of the NREN participants in CBP organises a number of working groups dealing with campus issues in different technical areas. Participants from universities are invited to participate in the working groups, which work to propose recommendations in best-practice documents.

The process of developing national best practice documents (BPDs) starts with a main author (or team of authors) making an initial version of a given new BPD. The working group iterates on this document until consensus is reached. The draft will then be on review at the national level within the higher education (HE) sector before it eventually is approved as a national BPD. The work flow is illustrated on the figure below. 

Focus areas are physical infrastructure, campus networking (including IPv6), wireless, security, network monitoring and real-time communications.