GÉANT Associated Speakers 
Some 14 speakers presenting on GÉANT-related activities covered a wide range of subjects from the project’s technology, service developments as well as other initiatives. 
Name Company Title and link to presentation
Bartek Gajda PSNC Workshop: PERT workshop
Gerard Frankowski POZNAN GÉANT: Addressing Complex Security Requirements for Network Services in Multi-Domain Environments
Branko Marović Bringing governance into distributed R&D software development - GÉANT case study
Afrodite Sevasti GRNET Internet testbeds
Tomasz Wolniewicz eduroam CAT
Mark O'Leary JANET UK Towards Open eduroam Coverage Data
Maurice van den Akker SURFNET 4G on a campus site and the integration with eduroam
Jørgen Moth UNI-C Green networking GÉANT
Domenico Vicinanza DANTE Network monitoring supporting the arts: a transatlantic dance performance use case for perfSONAR MDM
Bert van Pinxteren TERENA Networking to Services - recent developments as documented by the TERENA Compendium
Lukas Hämmerle SWITCH eduGAIN
Andreas Åkre Solberg UNINETT GÉANT Federation Lab
Bruno Hoeft Karlsruhe Institut of Technology (KIT) AutoKNF – “end customer” AutoBAHN deployment
Reza Nejabati University of Essex Design, Implementation and Demonstration of GÉANT Virtualization Service (GENUS
Cathrin Stover DANTE DANTE's intercontinental work and achievements in other regions