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RedCLARA - the Latin American Research and Education Network
The Latin American NRENs connected to RedCLARA
European Funding for Latin America


RedCLARA - the Latin American Research and Education Network
The pan-Latin American research and education network, RedCLARA, currently interconnects 13 Latin American National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) and provides a 2.5-Gbps transatlantic link between Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Madrid (Spain) to the GÉANT network in Europe.

RedCLARA is managed and operated by the RedCLARA non-profit organisation which was originally established in December 2004 as CLARA (Latin American Cooperation of Advanced Networks).

Click here to view the current RedCLARA topology on the RedCLARA website.

The Latin American NRENs connected to RedCLARA
The 13 Latin American NRENs connected to RedCLARA today are:

NREN Name Country Mbps Connection
INNOVA|Red Argentina connected at 210 Mbps
RNP Brazil connected at 1.45 Gbps
REUNA Chile connected at 1.35 Gbps
RENATA Colombia connected at 300 Mbps
Red CONARE Costa Rica connected at 155 Mbps
CEDIA Ecuador connected at 45 Mbps
RAICES El Salvador connected at 10 Mbps
RAGIE Guatemala connected at 18 Mbps
CUDI Mexico connected at 45 Mbps
RedCyT Panama connected at 10 Mbps
RAAP Peru connected at 14 Mbps
RAU Uruguay connected at 132 Mbps
REACCIUN Venezuela connected at 90 Mbps

European Funding for Latin America

Between 2003 and 2012 the RedCLARA network was partly funded by the European Commission through the ALICE (Latin America Interconnected with Europe) project and its successor, ALICE2. With 18 beneficiary countries in Latin America, the two projects were also partnered by four European NRENs (FCCN in Portugal, GARR in Italy, RENATER in France and RedIRIS in Spain) and DANTE.

Under the ALICE project, managed by DANTE, the first transatlantic connection between Europe and Latin America was established at a speed at 622 Mbps with 12 Latin American NRENs connected to the RedCLARA network by the end of the project. Under ALICE2, the first regional project in which DANTE successfully handed the project management and financial responsibilities to a regional partner organisation, the capacity of the transatlantic link was increased to 2.5 Gbps.

In addition to the focus on connectivity, ALICE2 promoted the connection of more Latin American countries to the RedCLARA network as well as the creation and maintenance of research communities working on development-related themes (UN –Millennium Development Goals– MDG) and put forward by the EC’s FP7 programme.

To learn more, visit the RedCLARA website.

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