GÉANT and outGRID – underpinning a global neuroscience grid infrastructure

Driving worldwide research into Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases through powerful, interoperable grid technology and high speed research networks

The incidence of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, is rising rapidly, impacting the lives of patients and carers and adding greatly to healthcare costs around the world. Consequently research into potential cures and earlier diagnosis is an increasingly vital area of medical research.

Technology enabled collaboration is central to this. The growth and power of grid computing combined with high speed research networks has provided the processing power to allow those investigating neurodegenerative diseases to take major steps forward, through regional platforms such as neuGRID in Europe, CBRAIN in Canada and LONI in the US. These enable researchers and clinicians to access, share and process huge databases of brain images, providing the ability for more detailed and faster research and diagnosis into neurodegenerative diseases. 

The outGRID project has the ambitious aim of creating a global scientific grid infrastructure by integrating these three platforms at a technical and collaborative level to enable seamless sharing of information between neuroscientists, researchers and clinicians around the world. Using high speed research networks, such as GÉANT, it is working to ensure interoperability between the three neuroscience infrastructures through a programme of international knowledge sharing, alignment of technical specifications and training workshops to exchange information.

The Challenge
Over the last five years regional grid-based scientific infrastructures have developed to study and research neurodegenerative conditions, but given the global nature of research linking these seamlessly is imperative.

The Solution
The outGRID project provides the first step towards creating a global neuroscience infrastructure by driving technical and network interoperability between the European neuGRID, Canadian CBRAIN and US LONI initiatives to benefit worldwide research.

Key Benefits
outGRID has brought together the global neuroscience grid community through a combination of information sharing, workshops and international technical collaboration, and is underpinning the construction of a huge international user-oriented infrastructure that allows worldwide collaboration for both research and  faster patient diagnosis.

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