GÉANT Lambda

GÉANT Lambda is a service providing full wavelengths up to 100Gbit/s to support NREN users with particularly demanding network requirements.


The GÉANT Lambda service is a service offered by DANTE on the GÉANT network to NRENs.  

The GÉANT Lambda service provides transparent 10 Gbit/s, or 100 Gbit/s wavelengths between GÉANT PoPs.  GÉANT Lambda services can be provided unprotected or restored using GMPLS signalling. Restored services are available on request and will be granted based on the availability of protection bandwidth.

40 Gbit/s circuits may be available on application subject to approval.


The GÉANT Lambda service is defined as follows:


  • The service provides a transparent 10 or 100 Gbit/s wavelength between transmission equipment in GÉANT PoPs.
  • Interface type can be Ethernet (10, 100GE) or SDH (STM-64).


Lambdas to Non-GÉANT Destinations

GÉANT Lambda services can be connect to non-GÉANT organisations/destinations, please contact DANTE of guidance on which destinations are available.

Note that:


  • Requests for connections to non-GÉANT destinations can only be fulfilled if GÉANT infrastructure exists to deliver the circuit to the proposed interconnection point.
  • The responsibility of the GÉANT NOC stops at the declared demarcation point.  Patching beyond that point is the responsibility of the ordering NREN.
  • Circuit requests to other networks globally will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Transatlantic Lambdas may be available subject to approval


Access to Lambda Services

The management boundary between DANTE and the NREN is the connector on the GÉANT transmission equipment in the PoP to which the NREN's access circuit is connected. It is the NREN’s responsibility to provide for the physical connection to the GÉANT equipment, irrespective of whether this requires local loops provided by a telecoms operator or not.

​Lead times for turn-up of GÉANT Lambda services is dependent on the location and bandwidth. Please contact DANTE of guidance on lead times.


Protected wavelengths are available subject to protection capacity being available. The service is only available at PoPs on the GÉANT dark fibre network listed here:























The GÉANT Lambda service is available to pan-European projects and users via Europe’s NRENs. Visit the Partners page for links to GÉANT's NREN project partners.