GÉANT Service Activities

The GN2 project focused mainly on building the pan-European GÉANT network. However, GN3 is focused on developing and rolling out multi-domain services to NRENs and their users (be they institutions, projects or researchers) to enable them to get the best performance from the network.

The Service Activities (SAs) of the project have two main threads of work:
  • The effective operation of the GÉANT backbone and to support it with security, monitoring and other initiatives to ensure the reliability and seamless performance of network usage.
  • The development and roll-out of a portfolio of end-user services to enable secure and mobile access to the network and resources, wherever and whenever required.


Activity Name Description
SA1 Network Build & Operations Designing, deploying and managing the pan-European backbone
SA2 Multi-Domain Network Services Supporting multi-domain delivery of high-performance connectivity services
SA3 Multi-Domain User Applications Roaming, authentication and authorisation services for end users and their organisations
SA4 Software Governance Defining guidelines for software development and performing quality assurance