​GÉANT is the high bandwidth pan-European research and education backbone that interconnects National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) across Europe and provides worldwide connectivity through links with other regional networks. With its unrivalled geographical coverage, high transmission speeds and reliability, innovative networking technology and a range of user-focussed services, GÉANT remains the most advanced international network in the world.

What sets GÉANT apart from other networks?
The robustness that large research projects rely on – outstanding service availability
and service quality. Over 1,000 Terabytes of data are transferred every day via the
GÉANT IP backbone.

The flexibility that means services and infrastructure can be tailored to individual
user requirements.

The capacity, combined with extreme robustness and high availability, which sets
GÉANT apart. Key routes on GÉANT already run at 40 Gbps, with planned upgrades to
100 Gbps scheduled for 2012 to ensure the network remains ahead of user demand
for bandwidth. (Read more about progress towards 100Gbps.)

The effective and efficient operations users come to expect, as delivered by a
dedicated Network Operations Centre. 99% of cases are reported within 15 minutes
of the outage being detected.

All the services needed for seamless networking experience: IP and dedicated circuits, testbeds and virtualised resources, authentication and roaming, monitoring and troubleshooting, advisory and support services.

Outstanding service availability
Statistics for the period July-December 2011 demonstrate that, of the 34 NREN partners connected to the GÉANT IP backbone: 

  • 13 that have diverse, redundant connections via GÉANT fibre infrastructure benefit from a service availability over 99.999%
  • In total 28 NRENs benefit from a service availability over 99.99%
  • On average, all NRENs, regardless of location and method of access to the GÉANT network benefit from a service availability of 99.9%


Global connectivity
In addition to its pan-European reach, GÉANT has extensive links to networks in other world regions including North America (via Internet2, ESnet, NLR, NISN and CANARIE), Latin America, North Africa and the Middle East, South Africa and Kenya, the South Caucasus, Central Asia and the Asia-Pacific Region – reaching over 50 NRENs and a further 45 million users outside of Europe, putting GÉANT at the heart of global research networking. Work is also on-going to connect to the Caribbean and to improve links to and within Southern and Eastern Africa, providing researchers worldwide with a gateway to European counterparts.
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