GÉANT and ASTRA - recreating ancient instruments

Computers linked across high-speed research networks were used to run a data-intensive modelling program to recreate the sounds of ancient instruments

For centuries, the Epigonion and the Barbiton have been confined to history books, unheard since their heyday in Ancient Greece. However, these vanished musical instruments have now been brought back to life thanks to pioneering research.

The ASTRA (Ancient instruments Sound/Timbre Reconstruction Application) project aims to reconstruct the sound or timbre of ancient instruments that no longer exist. Using the high-speed GÉANT and EUMEDCONNECT networks and advanced computer modelling technology, researchers can create models of 'lost' instruments based on archaeological data, such as fragments from excavations, written descriptions and pictures.

The Challenge
To recreate the sounds of ancient instruments using highly data intensive physical modelling programs.

The Solution
Using GÉANT as the underlying layer, harness the power of grid computing to deliver extreme computing power, greatly accelerating the modelling process and making ASTRA’s work viable. ASTRA uses GÉANT IP connectivity service.  

Key Benefits
ASTRA has brought to life ancient musical instruments such as the Epigonion and Barbiton to produce a fascinating insight into the past, highlighting the vital role of research networking in collaborative research.

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Partners in the ASTRA project:
Lost Sounds Orchestra