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Green-Campus Alliance Meeting 2013
HEAnet are supporting the Green Campus alliance activity developed by THE Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE)  through the  Irish National Operator An  Taisce. The groups second annual colloquium was held at the end Jan 2013 and a document describing this activity is located here. Event details are avaialble here.

NORDUnet conference 18th - 20th September 2012 in Oslo, Norway
NORDUnet 2012 is the Nordic networking meeting place. This year NORDUnet have joined forces with UNINETT in bringing together the networking community from Nordic universities and NRENs, along with their European and global colleagues. Archived video streaming is avaialble here.

“Green and Clean” Session” at the Terena Networking Conference TNC2012

Every year, the energy needed to power core Internet companies compounds by 12 percent - and already these companies collectively demand more energy than Russia! The need for green and clean energy is obvious. The speakers discussed ways in which we can make our infrastructure greener and our community more aware of clean solutions. Archived streaming is available here.

GN3 Green networking: advances in environmental policy and practice
The workshop is intended primarily for NREN participants, both operational and management, and for ICT and facilities management personnel in higher education institutions, and from environmental agents and decision-makers.

ICT2010, Brussels
The team ran a short workshop as part of the Networking Session programme at the ICT2010 event in Brussels, 27-29 September 2010.

Green Workshop
The team held their first workshop in February 2010 at the NORDUnet offices near Copenhagen Airport.

Presentations at Conferences
GN3 Green networking: advances in environmental policy and practice 

Case Studies

Improving energy efficiency in Greek Schools with IPv6 enabled Smart Meters
The case study regards work in progress regarding the implementation of an IPv6-enabled network with IPv6 smart meters for real-time monitoring of the energy consumption in public schools in Greece. The case study is implemented in the framework of the GEN6 project ( The study aims to demonstrate that IPv6 could become the leveraging technology for enhancing existing services or providing new services to the end users as well as to provide a signal to European stakeholders that IPv6 technology can be a “green” enabler.
View the case study here


There are eight participants in the GÉANT Environmental Impact team, from five different NRENs. If you would like to get in touch with a member of the Green Team, use the Contact Us form.

Team Member Organisation
Andrew Mackarel HEAnet
Robert Pekal PSNC
Tamas Maray NIIF
Lars Fischer NORDUnet
Magnus Stroemdalï UNINETT
Anastasios Zafeiropoulos GRnet
Constantinos Vassilakis GRnet
Vassiliki Giannikopoulou GRnet
Albert Hankel SURFnet
Ole Frendved Hansen UNI•C
John Dyer TERENA