How to Connect

Who can Connect


Who can connect to GÉANT Open?

GÉANT Open  is designed to offer a neutral, policy free interconnection facility between a wide range of research and education networks, users and commercial operators and to offer onward connectivity to the GÉANT network.  The users who are able to connect are:

  • GÉANT and other international R&E network providers
  • National and regional research and education networks 
  • Commercial operators
  • Individual research facilities

In the case of commercial operators and individual research facilities these groups need to have their connectivity to the Open Exchange “sponsored” by either the NREN to whom they wish to connect or, in the case of individual research facilities, the NREN who would normally manage their network connectivity.

Once an organisation is connected to GÉANT Open there are few limitations to which other organisations can be linked to.  The only limitation is the general prohibition of a commercial organisation connecting to another commercial organisation – this is a consequence of the rules governing GÉANT operations in Europe and its funding structure. GÉANT is intended for and configured to support research and education networks and all activities must be in support of this use.

The full range of connectivity options are:

NREN R&E Organisation independent from NREN (1) GÉANT Commercial Organisation (1)


Allowed Allowed Allowed Allowed

Organisation (1)

Allowed Allowed Allowed Allowed


Allowed Allowed N/A Allowed

Commercial Organisation (1)

Allowed Allowed Allowed Prohibited

(1) With permission from the sponsoring NREN