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GN3-13-164_MJ1.2.3_White-Paper_Alien-Wave-Services-in-the-NREN-Community_v3.pdf 20/09/2013 White Paper – Alien Wave Services in the NREN Community
White paper on alien wave services in the NREN community
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GN3-13-163_MJ1.2.3_White-Paper_PMD-Emulation_v3.pdf 31/07/2013 White Paper – PMD Emulation
White paper on Polarisation Mode Dispersion (PMD) emulation
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GN3-13-162_MJ1.2.3_White-Paper_Optical-Reach-of-Photonic-Services_v3.pdf 05/09/2013 White Paper – Optical Reach of Photonic Services
White paper on the optical reach of photonic services
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GN3-11-211_OTN-White-Paper_JRA1T1_v5.1.pdf 08/07/2011 White Paper: OTN Capabilities in the NREN Environment
This next generation of OTN is the newest concept of converged core transport architecture, formed of a collection of standards initially written a decade ago but being completely renewed by the ITU-T
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Carrier Ethernet.pdf 03/12/2010 White Paper: Carrier Ethernet
Carrier Ethernet - a white paper by the Joint Research Activity responsible for Future Intenet
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