Global Collaboration Case Studies

GÉANT and TEIN3: Bringing cultures together across continents
Having performers in Kuala Lumpur dance in real time to music that's being played 9,300km away in Stockholm might sound impossible, but that is precisely what was achieved.
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Freeing epilepsy patients from seizure
Epilepsy specialists in Tunisia and France are able to collaborate on the diagnosis and treatment of Tunisian patients by harnessing the high-capacities provided by GÉANT, EUMEDCONNECT2 and their partner networks in France and Tunisia. Using the networks to transfer bandwidth-hungry brain imaging files and video electroencephalography (EEG) Rouen, the health care specialists can work together to understand the patients’ problems, and decide on the appropriate treatment, making a significant difference to their health and well-being.
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Saving lives by typhoon forecasting
Typhoons in the Philippines threaten the lives of the local population. However, with accurate storm forecasts provided by the Philippine weather bureau PAGASA, emergency teams are able to warn the local population and save countless lives. To produce these warnings PAGASA relies on an accurate, real-time flow of meteorological data from its German counterpart, the Deutscher Wetterdienst. The collaboration rests on the power of the GÉANT and TEIN3 high capacity networks, which enable the speedy transfer of vast amounts of data from DWD to PAGASA.
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Volcano Dance: a creative union of science, technology and art
The ‘data sonification’ technique aims to enable researchers to predict volcanic eruptions by converting seismic data from active volcanoes into melodies that analysts can study to detect patterns in volcano activity. This process requires the high-bandwidth capacity and advanced grid-computing platforms supported by the GÉANT network and its global links. Music inspired by melodies obtained using this technique from volcanoes in Italy, Ecuador and the Philippines has accompanied a unique dance performance entitled ‘The Mountain’ by Washington D.C.’s CityDance Ensemble, marking a unique creative union between science, technology and art.
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