Campus Best Practice - Reports

In addition to best practice documents (BPDs) a number of reports are made available. Reports are of a different nature than BPDs. They can in example present the results of a conducted survey.

Currently the following reports are available:

About Campus Best Practice

An overview of Campus Best Practice
Campus Best Practice leaflet
GigaCampus 2006-2009 Final Report
AMRES' Experience with Implementing the "Campus Best Practices" Model

Collaborative Procurement in the HE sector in Norway


Campus Networking

Report on current status of lightpaths on campuses in Finland
Report on network hardware used on Finnish campus networks
Finnish national E2E performance survey 2009
Finnish national E2E performance survey 2010

Taking Funet light paths into use - for end users


Monitoring and ensuring wlan performance
Report on current status of WLAN networks at Finnish campuses in 2010

Network Monitoring
Report on network monitoring of Funet member organisations