GÉANT Research Activities

The Joint Research Activities (JRAs) deal with the critical analysis of future networking technologies and research into new services. The GÉANT project invests in the research and development of an advanced portfolio of technologies in order to develop services, tools and network capabilities for tomorrow’s researchers.

Together, the JRAs aim to bring innovation to the core network infrastructure. They seek technological solutions for network control, management and service- provisioning across the GÉANT Service Area, and also how to enable secure, seamless access to network resources for the users, whether they be institutions, projects or researchers.

Activity Name Description
JRA1 Future Network Investigating emerging technologies; bringing innovation to the network and services
JRA2 Multi-domain Network Service Research Researching emerging solutions for control, management and service provisioning in a multi-domain environment
JRA3 Multi-domain User Application Research Expanding the multi-domain framework to offer seamless access to services and infrastructure to support collaborating communities