Earth Observation - weather simulations for climate change researchers
The Millennium Simulations project by the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, enables researchers into climate change to access simulations created by a major new Earth System Modelling initiative that spans the last millennium and forecasts into the future. The project uses the GÉANT network to connect remote research sites to its central system, helping to create a library of data and results which can be shared between project participants and the wider research community.

The Earth System Model, created using climate data and models of natural external factors and man-made effects, allows scientists to simulate the climate from the last millennium and into the future. This research relies on employing many computer processors in parallel, which is only possible using the immense bandwidth capacity and geographical reach of the GÉANT2 network.

“Through the Millennium Simulations we will provide model results that are needed to explore the climate of the past and to better understand present and future climate variations. We will therefore help scientists and researchers around the world to collaborate in this fundamental research area and to foster the understanding needed for adaptation and mitigation of climate change,” said Reinhard Budich, Max Planck Institute for Meteorology. “By working with the GÉANT2 network we can not only connect remote research sites and process data but also share our results with the global Earth Sciences community, widening understanding in this vital area.”