2012 Events

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The Eastern Europe Partnership Event
Workshop on einfrastructures in Eastern Partnership countries.
Date: 11 December 2012 to 12 December 2012
Location: Chisinau, Moldova
CARNet Users Conference 2012
CARNet invites you to the 14th CARNet Users Conference CUC 2012 entitled "Communicate (Faster), Learn (More), Connect (Stronger)!". Topics selected for this year's conference are: Managing technology in educational institutions, Ethical and legal  issues and the Internet, The age of digital content, Education for the global labour market and Technological and social innovations. The official language of the conference is Croatian, but lectures by invited foreign speakers will be held in English.
Date: 12 November 2012 to 14 November 2012
Location: Rijeka, Croatia
Super Computing 2012
For 24 years, SC has been at the forefront in gathering the best and brightest minds in supercomputing together, with our unparalleled technical papers, tutorials, posters and speakers.
GÉANT will have an exhibition booth and will also support ACE at the Indiana University booth.
Date: 10 November 2012 to 15 November 2012
Location: Salt Lake City, UT, United States
HEAnet National Conference 2012
HEAnet's National Conference attracts delegates from across the Education and Research Sector as well as industry leaders and technology experts. The Conference provides a unique opportunity to meet with a number of key audiences in a social and comfortable setting - networking with colleagues, ICT experts, researchers, academics, industry leaders and the HEAnet team.
Date: 7 November 2012 to 9 November 2012
Location: Sheraton Athlone Hotel, Co Westmeath.
SDN & OpenFlow World Congress
The first forum in Europe dedicated to the promotion of the Software-Defined Networking (SDN) movement attracting carrier and telecoms service provider professionals. GÉANT is an event partner of the 2012 event and will be present with a speaker and an exhibition booth.
Date: 22 October 2012 to 24 October 2012
Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Fourth GÉANT Project Symposium
Including a main plenary, workshops and cross- activity meetings for GÉANT project participants.
Date: 15 October 2012 to 19 October 2012
Location: Vienna Airport, Austria
NORDUnet Conference
GÉANT will be present with a booth at the 27th NORDUnet Conference with a demonstration on Bandwidth on Demand.  Andrew Mackarel will represent GÉANT by talking about Green Best Practices as part of the Green It workshop on Thursday 20 September.
Date: 18 September 2012 to 20 September 2012
Location: Oslo, Norway
The EGI Technical Forum
Neils Hersoug will speak in the Helix-Nebula Workshop on the subject of “Requirements and Policy issues around connecting commercial cloud providers with NRENs/GÉANT " on Wednesday 19 September.
Date: 17 September 2012 to 21 September 2012
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Once again, GÉANT will play an important role at the 2012  TNC conference. The project has an exhibition booth, technology demonstrations and posters. The conference programme will also feature GÉANT Associated Speakers, which this year include 14 presentations.
Date: 21 May 2012 to 24 May 2012
Location: Reykjavík, Iceland
Future Internet Assembly
The Future Internet Assembly (FIA) will be held on May 10-11, 2012 under the Presidency of Denmark in the EU Council. The theme for FIA-Aalborg will be "Smart Cities and Internet of Things".
GÉANT will have an exhibition booth with a NSI Demo.
Date: 9 May 2012 to 11 May 2012
Location: Aalborg, Denmark
Spring 2012 Internet2 Member Meeting

Tangui Coulouarn will be contributing to the session Advances on End-to-End Network Monitoring and Provisioning Services on Global Scale and Valter Nordh to the session on Privacy Framework for Attribute Release in an (Inter)Federation.

Date: 22 April 2012 to 25 April 2012
Location: Arlington, VA, USA
Terabit Optical & Data Networking Conference
GEANT is an event partner of the 2012 event where the industry's most knowledgeable and influential experts represent the complete 100G design and deployment ecosystem. Michael Encrico will speak on the NREN view of 100G+, Terabit capacity requirements and applications and GEANT will be present with an exhibition booth.
Date: 16 April 2012 to 19 April 2012
Location: Cannes, France
EGI Community Forum 2012

GÉANT will have an exhibition booth with a focus on the Bandwidth-on-Demand and perfSONAR services.  Domenico Vicinanza will demonstrate ‘Creating music from tweets with EGI’ and display a poster on the same subject.

Date: 27 March 2012 to 30 March 2012
Location: Munich, Germany
ARNES 2012 Conference
The ARNES conference brings together users from the education, research and culture community, and is aimed at a broad spectrum of delegates, covering both user and systems aspects of the use of new technologies Jessica Willis will speak on the subject of ‘Enabling European and global research: the benefits of ARNES participation in GÉANT’.
Date: 21 March 2012 to 21 March 2012
Location: Kranjska Gora, Slovenia
International Conference on Research Infrastructures (ICRI 2012)
GÉANT will have an exhibition booth to show how GÉANT and sister networks are enabling user connectivity across the globe
Date: 21 March 2012 to 23 March 2012
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

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