Global Connectivity: World Regions

North America
Latin America
Africa & the Middle East
North Africa & the Middle East
Sub-Saharan Africa

Asia & Oceania
South Caucasus
Central Asia

The global reach of the GÉANT network enables scientists and academics in Europe to exchange data and collaborate with their peers across the world through links to National Research and Education Networks in 65 countries around the world.

To learn more about connectivity to and within the different world regions reached by GÉANT, click on the links above.

The GÉANT Global Connectivity Overview & Map
  • The GÉANT Global Connectivity Overview (pdf) provides a summary of GÉANT's global links and the NRENs outside Europe connected to the global R&E networking infrastructure. Click here to download the Overview.
  • The Global Connectivity map below shows GÉANT’s global links to other world regions.

Click here to download the Global Connectivity Map (PDF)