GÉANT Networking Activities

The Networking Activities (NAs) deal with the general management of the project. They seek to understand the research and education environment, communicate with NREN partners and other stakeholders, and collaborate with the international R&E community. The NAs facilitate the collaborative dissemination of the network, services and project's other activities on European and global levels. They coordinate, assist and support the consistent roll-out and promotion of the advanced services by the NRENs, and take-up by their users.

NA1 (Project Management) represents the overall management of the project. It is centred on a policy committee of all the consortium members (the NREN Policy Committee - NRENPC) who are jointly responsible for the delivery of GN3 results, both nationally and at the pan-European level. Key to the success of the project is the correct balance between oversight of overall project goals. 

Code Name Purpose
NA1 Project Management Overseeing and coordinating project operations
NA2 Communication & Promotion Generating awareness of the network, services and project through collaborative dissemination
NA3 Status & Trends Understanding the research and education networking environment
NA4 Liaison & Support Coordinating NRENs, user projects and international networks