Exhibition booth and Demos

The following demonstrations will be shown at the GÉANT booth. Staff will be on hand to answer your specific questions as well as providing demos for you to view and enjoy. Read on the find out how to win a Kindle and Kindle vouchers.

DEMO: GÉANT Bandwidth-on-Demand and Mantychore
GÉANT’s Bandwidth-on-Demand (BoD) service enables users to dynamically provision circuits across multi-domains. This service is being launched as a production service to selected users, after a pilot phase of one year involving 8 NRENs and DANTE.
HEAnet the Irish NREN,  who were one of the earliest deployers of this service, will explain how they intend to use  BoD and demonstrate how a specific project, Mantychore, will interface with BoD to create multi-domain circuits on top of which logical networks are provided by using a single interface/software, OpenNaaS.
This demo will be shown in the main TNC demo area on Tuesday 22 May at 1.00pm and the GÉANT booth on Monday 21 May from 1.30pm and Tuesday 22 May at 3.30pm.
The GEMBus framework (GÉANT Multidomain Bus) is the result of a research task inside GN3 to provide a platform for service composition in the multidomain environment of the GÉANT infrastructure. Its main output is the extension of the ESB concept to build a general and multidomain service bus where services are plugged and new services can rely on the functionality provided by those existing services through service composition.

This demo shows a practical service composition, using the eduPKI services to build a composite service that permits the request of certificates in just one step. It will be shown at the GÉANT booth on Tuesday, May 22, at 10:30am, on Wednesday, May 23, at 1pm, and on Thursday, May 24, at 10:30am.

DEMO: Project Moonshot
Project Moonshot is a Janet-led initiative, in partnership with the GEANT project and others, to develop a single unifying technology for extending the benefits of federated identity to a broad range of non-Web services, including Cloud infrastructures, High Performance Computing & Grid infrastructures and other commonly deployed services including mail, file store, remote access and instant messaging.
Demos will be available on demand throughout TNC at the GÉANT booth.
ACE is a collaborative effort among Indiana University GlobalNOC, GÉANT, Internet2 and NYSERnet. ACE is supported by the US National Science Foundation (NSF) and DANTE though the GÉANT Project Consortium and is politically endorsed by the EC.  As of May 2012 the ACE provides 70Gbps of capacity,  split into five 10Gbps links for general IP traffic and  two 10Gbps links that can be  dynamically provisioned for on-demand reservations by large-scale projects.
Find out more about the ACE collaboration at the GÉANT booth. James Williams from Indiana University will be available to answer your questions on Monday 21 May from 3.30pm, Tuesday 22 May at 1.30pm and Wednesday 23 May at 10.30am.