GÉANT and LOLA - enabling real-time musical collaboration

Advanced software and high speed research networks combine to let musicians in multiple locations perform together in perfect harmony

Driven by a pressing demand from musicians and performers, the LOw LAtency (LOLA) project has been developed by the Conservatorio di Musica Giuseppe Tartini, Trieste, and the Italian research and education network GARR. Working together they have created completely new software that enables performers to play together, as if they are in the same location, with both pictures and sound shared across the network in real-time.

Removing jitter and bringing latency down to less than 60 milliseconds for the round trip from instrument to human ear and back fools the ear into believing that all the musicians are in the same room. Achieving this level of performance requires high speed, reliable and stable networks providing guaranteed bandwidth of up to 500 Mbps. 

To meet LOLA’s needs GARR and GÉANT worked closely together, providing consultancy and support to help deliver on the project’s vision. Following network tests, a dedicated 1 Gbps set of links is planned across GÉANT to provide the guaranteed bandwidth between GARR and test sites in Europe.

In the future, LOLA is investigating using dedicated circuits and lambdas, and exploring Bandwidth-on-Demand (BoD), to underpin a full schedule of rehearsals, concerts and master-classes. BoD provides a dedicated connection between different locations that can be easily and quickly set up by users when and where they need it.

The Challenge
To enable musicians separated by vast distances to perform together in perfect harmony as if in the same room, opening projects up to wider collaboration and reducing the need for travel.

The Solution
A powerful multimedia network, combining bespoke software and powerful high speed research networks, including the pan-European GÉANT network and GARR in Italy. LOLA uses the GÉANT IP Service.

Key Benefits
A dramatic reduction in latency and jitter enables real-time musical collaboration on even the most complex scores. Musicians perhaps unable to travel can rehearse and perform seamlessly together across vast distances, without the audio or video delays experienced over the public Internet. 

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Partners in the LOLA project:
Conservatorio di musica Giuseppe Tartini
GARR, the Italian NREN


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