Hybrid Network Provisioning

The objective of Hybrid Network Provisioning is to design and prototype new features of the AutoBAHN system (Automated Bandwidth Allocation across Heterogenous Networks). The AutoBAHN provides an interface for setting up dynamic circuits over global research and education network infrastructures, serving as the GN3 Bandwidth on Demand (BoD) service supporting tool.
Focus of the research for Hybrid Network Provisioning

  • Multi-technology support by the AutoBAHN system, through the development of  Technology Proxy modules towards the underlying management/data plane
  • Inter-domain stitching and resiliency issues for dynamic circuits spanning across network domains
  • AutoBAHN system supporting modules:
    • Lookup service for the BoD service elements
    • AAI support for BoD service usage
    • Pathfinding for inter-domain circuit routing
    • Last mile configuration issues & applications
  • Collaboration with other BoD systems and services
  • Standardisation efforts on Inter-domain resources reservation protocols
  • Models for inter-domain topology representation
  • Monitoring of the AutoBAHN system performance and provisioned circuits

Research results

  • Prototypes for multiple technology support:
    • An overlay GMPLS Technology Proxy and e analysis of the implications of the peer model
    • An MPLS Technology Proxy
    • A CGE Technology Proxy for a specific testbed as a proof-of-concept
  • An inter-domain circuit stitching framework prototype, providing guidelines on how to connect circuits implemented over various technologies across domains
  • Design of resiliency mechanisms for multi-domain BoD services
  • Guidelines to implementation of BoD user authorisation with GÉANT AAI services
  • Study on BoD service inter-domain accounting models and users’ charging
  • Study of PCE (Path Computation Element) usability for an inter-domain distributed environment
  • Contributions to OGF NSI-WG including protocol design, demonstration participation and working prototypes