This research focusses on improving and extending perfSONAR, the infrastructure for network performance monitoring. The purpose is to make it easier to solve end-to-end performance problems on paths crossing several networks. perfSONAR delivers a set of services that offer performance measurements in a federated environment.

The main monitoring research areas
  • Advanced Monitoring Solutions, such as of new traffic flow monitoring techniques and machine learning algorithms extending perfSONAR
  • Circuit Monitoring – The integration of dynamic circuit provisioning and perfSONAR
  • Network Events Management by perfSONAR
  • Cross-Layer Network Monitoring in the Multi-domain Environment: Topology definitions embracing horizontal and vertical network view to allow for cross –layer monitoring complementing by monitoring of layers below IP.
  • Monitoring-based Service Level Agreement Management in the multi-domain Environment
  • Standardised access to the measurement tools and network monitoring data (OGF NM-WG and OGF NMC-WG).
  • OAM Ethernet monitoring utilities, multi-domain aspects and perfSONAR integration
  • An alternative  implementation of perfSONAR based on the NETCONF protocol
  • Advanced network traffic analysis based on flows

Results include