Powering European Research
The GÉANT network delivers real value and benefit to society by enabling research communities across Europe, and the rest of the world, to transform the way they collaborate on ground-breaking research.

Reaching 40 million users in over 8,000 institutions across 40 countries in Europe, the diversity of user and project applications that can benefit from GÉANT is immense. The network and services bringing the best minds together to pursue research and share knowledge, delivering benefits and understanding across different user communities, including the sciences, medicine, earth studies, humanities and the arts. Some projects simply would not have been possible without access to the GÉANT network.

Who uses GÉANT?
Use of the network for collaborative applications is growing rapidly. GÉANT provides Europe with a gateway for global collaboration, enabling  researchers, students, teachers and other staff in institutions across the continent to participate in joint projects with their peers in other parts of the world. GÉANT offers different connectivity options and supporting network services to institutions, for them to support the networking needs of their project and individuals.


Research and technology projects have specific networking requirements to facilitate their project’s collaboration needs, and these are typically met by the project’s host institutions.

Campus and institution networks:

Education and research campuses, and other public institutions such as libraries and hospitals can all have access to the GÉANT network through their NREN.

End users:

Students, researchers, teachers and other individuals all use the GEANT network in the course of their work – many university and research campus networks already give its end users access to GÉANT through their NREN.

More information about projects that are benefiting from GÉANT is available from
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