This area deals with security considerations for the campus network. A template for a security policy is proposed based on core principles as defined in ISO/IEC 27002. An ICT security architecture for higher education is recommended. Traffic filtering technologies are discussed and general applications are recommended. Adoption of digital certificates in a public key infrastructure (PKI) is covered.
Information Security Policy     
Information management is an essential part of good IT governance, which, in turn, is a cornerstone in corporate governance. An integral part of the IT governance is information security, in particular, security pertaining to personal information. However, many organisations do not have a clear policy for information security management.
Recommended ICT Security Architecture in the HE Sector
The goal of this document is to serve as a guide for the implementation of ICT security architecture in the Norwegian HE sector. The recommendations are based on best practice, risk assessments, regulatory and commercial requirements, and directives issued by the Norwegian Data Inspectorate, with a major emphasis on existing practices.

Traffic Filtering - An Overview of the Technologies and their Application in AMRES
The aim of this document is to present an overview of the available traffic-filtering technologies and their general application, as well as an indication of the procedures and planned applications in the hierarchical structure of the Academic Network of Serbia (AMRES).

Securing Service Access with Digital Certificates
Securing services such as HTTP, email, RADIUS and LDAP is very important, and this document is provides step-by-step procedures for certificate deployment on different server platforms for different services. The document promotes the adoption of digital certificates in the member institutions of the Academic Network of Serbia (AMRES) as a means of establishing secure communication channels.  
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