Executive Committee

Authority for supervision is delegated by the Policy Committee to the Executive Committee which runs the Project at an executive level. This committee consists of a small group of NREN PC members elected by the Policy Committee and meets every six to eight weeks. It is primarily responsible for preparing the yearly work programme for the project, for quality assurance and for supervision relating to its implementation. There are up to nine voting members and the committee also includes a number of non-voting members, made up of individuals occupying posts within key research networking organisations.

Voting members Non-voting members
Ivan Maric  - Chairman  NREN PC Chair - Dorte Olesen
Jan Gruntorad DANTE General Managers - Niels Hersoug and Matthew Scott 
Marko Bonac
DANTE Finance & Commercial Manager - David Wrathmall
Mauro Campanella  DANTE Project Manager - Miloš Karapandžić
Lars Fischer  TERENA Secretary General - Karel Vietsch
Sabine Jaume TERENA President - Pierre Bruyere
Christian Grimm
Thomas Brunner