G√ČANT Activities

The GN3 programme creates an innovative, multi-domain hybrid networking infrastructure that enables R&E end-users and their organisations by providing flexible and scalable, production-quality services via constituent NRENs.

The GN3 workplan builds on the solid experience and developments gained from GN2. GN3 places more emphasis on developing Service Activities (SAs) to create a range of innovative network services. These services form the foundation for creating European and, where possible, global research collaborations and virtual communities. The services will be focussed on the needs of the research and education community (for example, support to Grids and middleware development initiatives) and will be developed in line with best practice.

The emphasis on SAs is complemented by a series of focussed Joint Research Activities (JRAs). JRAs in GN3 consist of shorter-term, goal-focussed tasks targeted at supporting the developing service environment. This builds on the JRA work in GN2, which has already delivered pilot services.

The Networking Activities (NAs) deal with the general management of the project. They seek to understand the research and education environment, communicate with NREN partners and other stakeholders, and collaborate with the international R&E community.

Three bodies contribute to the Activities of the project through well-defined and well-organised structures:

Research Activities (JRAs)

Services Activities (SAs)

Networking Activities(NAs)