Green house gas accounting template

The main aim of the template is to assist in the early stages of producing a greenhouse gas (GHG) report for a NREN or similar organisation.

The GHG emissions are divided into four classes: office, data centre, backbone and transportation. A two step method is used to calculate the GHG emissions in each class.
  • The first step measures the energy consumption of light, computer equipment, cooling and heating used by all activities of a class.
  • Then using public available conversion factors the GHG emissions derived from these energy consumptions are calculated.

Typically the consumption values are measured in kWh either by direct measurements or from equipment specifications. If not known directly, an approximate PUE (power usage efficiency) factor should be used to account for the cooling requirement of electronic equipment.

Ultimately only the aggregate GHG emissions of an organisation are of interest, and the splitting into four classes is only a proposal for easier management of the accounting effort. And, of course, it may also help to introduce energy-reducing measures in the organisation.

Click here to download a copy of the Accounting Template
(Microsoft Excel spreadsheet)