eduPERT - Performance Enhancement Response Team

eduPERT is part of GÉANT’s commitment to helping network users get the best performance from their connections.

eduPERT is the federated PERT structure that combines the independent PERTs from the local institutions, NRENs and GÉANT, and fosters knowledge-sharing across the GÉANT network community. Membership of eduPERT is not limited to NRENs - universities, research campuses, other organisations and international projects are encouraged to join, by setting up local or project PERTs and becoming part of the eduPERT Knowledge Base.

Performance Enhancement Response Teams (PERTs) provide an investigation and consulting service to academic and research users on their network performance issues. If they have an issue (for example low throughput, slow response times, or degradation), typically the user will contact a PERT directly or through standard IT support channels. To diagnose problems a PERT considers the complete end-to-end path, so one of the main functions of a PERT is to question end-users, system administrators, and network operators who have systems on that path.

GÉANT offers a PERT service to its European NRENs, who in turn, offer a PERT service to their customers. So eduPERT is the GÉANT service for the "network of PERTs" that will share data and experience for the benefit of all member PERTs and their network users.

NRENs and other organisations that set up and operate a PERT within the eduPERT federation will greatly benefit from being part of the wider community and will be able to:

  • Offer an improved level of service to their users
  • Collaborate with other eduPERT members on trouble-shooting
  • Learn from the experiences of other PERTs through the sharing of investigations via the Knowledge Base

eduPERT makes a number of central services available to the independent PERTs, including registration and accreditation, arranging eduPERT meetings, running the Knowledge Base and maintaining the directory of PERTs in the eduPERT federation.
How do I register?

To become a registered member of the federated PERT, simply contact with the following information:

  • Official name of your organisation
  • A brief description of your organisation’s purpose
  • The URL of your organisation’s public website
  • Proposed name of your PERT, eg. “X University PERT”
  • Public contact details for the PERT (email, website or telephone #)
  • Private contact details for the PERT (these will not be made public)
  • Name and contact details (telephone and email) of the PERT manager
  • Primary language of the PERT, and any other languages spoken

If you are already registered, and wish to gain accreditation for your PERT, please contact for more information.

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