Campus Best Practice Workshops

Past Workshops

IPv6 Workshop
4-5 October, 2012 - Espoo, Finland.
The world IPv6 launch day was on June 6th 2012. Now the main content providers are supplying their services over IPv6 natively. IPv6 has become mainstream. Is it time for the last workshop? Has everything been done on campus?

Network monitoring workshop
April 24-25 2012, Brno, the Czech Republic.
CESNET as a member of the GÉANT project together with other partners from the activity NA3/Task 4 Campus Best Practice organise in collaboration with the Brno University of Technology a workshop focused on Campus Monitoring. The Motto of this workshop: Monitoring as one of basic fundaments for increasing network stability, reliability and security

IPv6 Workshop
24-25 March, 2011 - Espoo, Finland
The IPv4 address pool is exhausting. The road of IPv6 deployment is cumbersome. The GN3 IPv6 workshop explores the question of networking without IPv4. Arguments can be taken pro and against and the speakers and event participants can share both practical experiences and professional competence.

IP Telephony Workshop
29 -30 April, 2010 - Prague, the Czech Republic
CESNET organised a workshop focused on IP Telephony. The two-day workshop discussed the practices in migration processes from legacy phone systems to IP telephony in different academic sites, effectiveness of using new technologies, introduction of new applications, security aspects, etc.The workshop attracted 50 participants from 10 countries.
News Story - European experts discussed IP telephony in Prague

Network Monitoring Workshop
20 - 21 October 2009 - Belgrade, Serbia
The objective of the two-day workshop was to bring network monitoring experts of the participating NRENs together to share their experiences, show features and future plans for home-made and other monitoring tools, discuss common denominators and thus lay grounds for future collaboration and common best practices in the area of network monitoring. AMRES organised the workshop. There were 31 participants from 6 countries.