GÉANT Identity Provider - GIdP


GIdP is a simple eduGAIN-compatible Identity Provider system, where user identities and attributes are registered. GÉANT services across the pan-European backbone and the national networks can then redirect users to GIdP for authentication and authorisation.

Some of the GÉANT network performance and operations services and tools, such as perfSONAR, require authentication and authorisation to control user access to their resources. To cater for this, eduGAIN is being developed to facilitate seamless and secure sharing of identity data between NRENs and institutions. GIdP (GÉANT Identity Provider) is a temporary IdP service that has been put in place until eduGAIN is fully rolled out across Europe.  Once IdPs in NRENs and end institutions are fully adapted to use the eduGAIN framework, they will be able to use their local IdP accounts.

GIdP accounts

Currently, only European NREN members and associated institutions can get a GIdP account, and a GIdP account is only needed by those wishing to access protected data from other NRENs that use the eduGAIN authentication and authorisation infrastructure. Currently, the GIdP account is the only means to access this data. At a later stage, it will also be possible to get accounts from other identity providers.Most European NREN have a GIdP User Administrator from whom NREN members and associated institutions can request GIdP accounts.

To find out who your GIdP UA is go to the GIdP registry and click the NREN Contact Information link. If you don't have a GIdP representative, please contact our GIdP service team at DANTE.

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