Project Management Team

The day-to-day operational management of the project is performed by two Project Managers (DANTE General Managers) who are responsible for the co-ordination of the different Activities, supported by the Project Office.

The Project Office looks after the project secretariat, financial and administrative responsibilities, as well as the five Co-ordination roles that ensure the synchronisation and co-ordination of efforts across all project Activities, and adherence to the project's technical and procedural guidelines and initiatives. 

The Activity Leaders are each responsible for a specific area of the project, across Research, Services and (human) Networking activities.

This group is the Project Management Team, and it meets up each month with the Project Managers to discuss operational matters. The list of members are:

Project Management & Networking
Project Management Niels Hersoug (DANTE)
Matthew Scott (DANTE)
Project Secretary Milos Karapandzic (DANTE)
Communications & Promotion Melanie Pankhurst (DANTE)
Status & Trends Karel Vietsch (TERENA)
Liaison & Support Cathrin Stöver (DANTE)
Services Operation
Network Build and Operations Marian Garcia (DANTE)
Multi-Domain Network Services Ann Harding (SWITCH
Multi-Domain User Applications Valter Nordh (NorduNET)
Software Governance Cezary Mazurek (PSNC)
Research & Innovation
Future Network Tony Breach (NORDUnet)
Multi-Domain Network Services Research Afrodite Sevasti (GRNET)
Multi-Domain User Applications Research Licia Florio (TERENA)
Technical Co-ordinator Michael Enrico (DANTE)
Security Co-ordinator Claudio Allocchio (GARR)
Service Co-ordinator Toby Young (DANTE)
Standards Co-ordinator Richard Hughes-Jones (DANTE)
Software & IT Co-ordinator Anand Patil (DANTE)