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As well as providing fast access to conventional web-based resources, GÉANT supports data-intensive and time-critical applications between collaborating partners throughout Europe and across the globe.

Users from a wide variety of disciplines use the GÉANT network to facilitate collaboration and the sharing of data. Whether working to solve environmental issues such as predicting natural disasters and combating climate change, pushing back the frontiers of knowledge in areas such as astronomy and physics, or pursuing historic arts projects, they all rely on a high-speed network infrastructure to link groups of researchers together.

Through the co-operation and close collaboration of NRENs across Europe, and through links to other international networks, GÉANT enables researchers and projects to be more innovative, opening up new methods for research as well as new possibilities to share, exchange and process data and information.

Examples of user projects assisted by international research & education networks

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European researchers in fields such as health and drug discovery, seismology and astronomy, crop research and weather forecasting are increasingly working more closely than ever before with their global counterparts, to address issues facing all corners of the world.

Many of these applications require distributed (grid) computing resources and can draw on the powerful grid projects (such as EGEE, DEISA and PRACE) which are enabled by the underlying network infrastructure.

Just some of the user projects that benefit from GÉANT are included in this section and can be accessed by the left-hand menu.

GÉANT conducts ongoing research into the emerging technologies, standards and equipment that will be built into the network infrastructure of tomorrow. 

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