GÉANT Competitive Open Call for Additional Beneficiaries

 The GN3plus project has reserved a portion of the project budget to fund specific tasks to be carried out by new beneficiaries. Beneficiaries may join the project either as Partners or as Third Parties to existing GN3plus consortium members. These later-joining beneficiaries are to be selected by means of a series of competitive Open Calls.

Open Call Overview

The first Open Call for the GN3plus project is seeking innovative use cases to run on existing GÉANT production and experimental network facilities and partners to carry out self-contained Research and Technology Development (RTD) work packages to support on-going GN3plus activities.

The GN3plus project has assigned a total EC funding of up to 3.3M€ to be spend on Open Calls. It is expected that projects selected for funding will take place between October 2013 and the March 2015. 

It is expected that participants to this call will propose concrete and specific plans that enable GÉANT to achieve its goals during the given time-frame. Selected beneficiaries will be invited to refine and implement the final plan together with the GÉANT Open Calls Coordinator and in collaboration with the rest of the partners.

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More information about the GN3plus project can be found here 

Information Day

Interested in submitting a proposal? Come along to our information day on 19 April 2013.

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