The GÉANT network is the fast and reliable pan-European communications infrastructure serving Europe’s research and education community. Co-funded by European National Research & Education Networks (NRENs) and the EC, the GÉANT network and project (also known as GN3) is entering its third generation, along with associated development activities.

GÉANT's core objective is to deliver real value and benefit to society by enabling research communities across Europe, and the world, to transform the way they collaborate on ground-breaking research.

The GÉANT project advances all aspects of European research and education networking, encompassing:
  • The fast and reliable GÉANT network.
  • A portfolio of advanced connectivity, network support and access services for NRENs, projects, institutions and end users.
  • Initiatives to address the digital divide of research and education networking across Europe.
  • Technological research to ensure GÉANT continues to be at the forefront of networking on a global scale.

The previous GÉANT project (GN2) which ended in early 2009 was focused on building the world’s most advanced network of its type, using innovative technology to enable a range of networking services. With the infrastructure in place, the current GÉANT project is focused on developing and rolling out tools and services in collaboration with Europe’s NRENs, aimed at better-serving the evolving needs of the research and education community into the long term.

Funded jointly by the EC and NRENs
The GÉANT network and associated programme of activities is co-funded by the European Commission within the GÉANT Project (GN3) contract, which is part of the EC’s Seventh Research and Development Framework Programme (often referred to as FP7). This contract between the project partners and the European Commission provides total funding from the EC of 93 million Euro for four years from 1 April 2009. Matching funding is provided by the NREN project partners connected to the network.

The project partners are 32 European NRENs, DANTE and TERENA; plus an additional four Associate NRENs. Read more in the Partner section. 

For a comprehensive overview of all previous projects including GÉANT please visit the DANTE archive.  

GÉANT is fundamental to the EU's vision of a European Research Area (ERA): a border-free zone for research

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