Guidelines and Assistance for Representing GÉANT

GÉANT benefits from many partnerships around the world, both formal and informal. We welcome the opportunity to work on joint promotions with project partners, user projects, and other organisations in the research and education community or networking industry. Listed below is a number of ways in which collaboration may occur, and guidelines for representing the project for each; this is not an exhaustive list.

If you would like guidance, or to work with us on a joint promotional opportunity, just let us know how we can help -

Referring to GÉANT in text (print, online or other)

Press releases: All press releases mentioning GÉANT must be approved through the project's Dissemination team but please allow 7 working days for any requests and/or approvals of written materials.

Re-using text from this website or printed materials:
You are welcome to re-use text, but please keep us notified and ensure you credit its use as follows:
"Reproduced with the kind permission of DANTE, copyright on behalf of GÉANT".
We also encourage the inclusion of a link to the GÉANT website (

Re-use of images:
Please note that re-use of images that appear on this website is expressly forbidden without our prior consent.

GÉANT, DANTE and all project names should be capitalised in all cases, and remember the correct accent on GÉANT.

Use of the GÉANT and GÉANT Partner logos: Logos are available to download from the Press Kit page. Please refer to the Branding Guidelines to ensure correct usage of the logo.

Standard texts:
To assist in the production of materials, standard texts have been provided to ensure consistency of messaging. You can find this information on our Press Kit page. Please ensure that your use of this text is approved (see above as necessary). 

Representing GÉANT at an event

For events assistance, contact our Events Team on

Display materials:
The GÉANT display stand (a 3 panel Nomadic pop-up display) and pull-up banners (single panel) can be made available on a loan basis.

Promotional materials:
A range of promotional materials is available including brochures, give-aways, case studies and posters all available to order here. Please allow 14 working days for receipt of materials. If there is nothing suitable for your event we may be able to produce something specific to your requirements.

Speaking opportunities:
The GÉANT community has a number of speakers available, representing various aspects of the project. If you are organising an event and would like a speaker from the community to talk about networking or a specific aspect of the project please contact us.

Submitting a poster or paper abstract relevant to GÉANT: If you would like to respond to a 'call for posters/papers' or are submitting an abstract that relates to work within the project, help is available in the form of design, editing, proofing and even printing. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.