Environmental Impact - The Green Team

Environmental protection is increasingly at the focal point of public attention. Protecting the environment and "doing your bit" to help slow down global warming has become an expected activity of responsible organisations. NRENs are no exception. As part of the GÉANT project, which is committed to promoting energy-saving and ecologically sound applications layered over the GÉANT infrastructure, a team known informally as the “GÉANT Green team" has been established to undertake a study of the environmental impact of the network.

Working towards 'greener' networks
The team is responsible for evaluating how to establish and operate 'greener' (more environmentally friendly) networks and services and has established a three stage process for this work.

  • Analyse the current situation: this first stage is already well underway and aims to analyse the current situation which is built on the ISO standard-based audit of the green house gas (GHG) emission of the participating NRENs.
    See the results of these audits.
    • Collection of best practices: the second stage of the process is to build a collection of best practices through which the team plans to foster links with similar activities in other regions; cooperating with the projects of other, leading research networks around the world.
    • Formulate proposals and recommendations: the third and final phase of the process will be to formulate proposals and recommendations.