Multidomain Network Services Research 

Multi-domain network services research in the GÉANT project deals with the procedures and functions for delivering multi-domain services in a heterogeneous environment from the technical, operational and administrative point of view of the European National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) interconnected through GÉANT. The challenge lies in adopting existing workflows and functions and proposing new ones at the management and control planes.

In the multi-domain environment, participating networks support a variety of technologies and functions for single-domain management and control, e.g. from NMS to CLI-based management and from none up to GMPLS-based control. The diversity in procedures (operational, provisioning, auditing and more) is also great. Bridging workflows and functions across domains is both a challenge and an area of innovation to which GÉANT multi-domain network services research is aiming to make a significant contribution. 

Multidomain Network Services (JRA2) research areas

Control and management
The main objective of the task is to investigate the use of standardised approaches and propose methods for creating a common, cross-activity framework for the harmonisation and integration of the control and management functions required in a multi-domain environment. [find out more
Hybrid Network Provisioning
The task delivers an enhanced version of the AutoBAHN prototype, which is used for dynamic circuit provisioning over different technologies in a multidomain environment.  [find out more
The task investigates new demands, derive requirements, and elaborate new concepts for network monitoring to foster the provisioning and operation of the multi-domain services portfolio. [find out more
This Task focusses on research into advanced methods for incident and  security threat detection, both refining the developed tools in GN2 JRA2 (based on traffic analysis and statistical recognition), and creating a knowledge base information system to help security teams (and eventually automated tools) to raise alarms where necessary. [find out more
Network Factory
This task plans, configures and provides the basic framework for the evolution to an infrastructure independent of the production environment to perform tests. The provisioning of a multi-domain network factory as a service is the ultimate goal of this task.
The research has a direct impact on the quality and functionality of multi-domain services delivered to the pan-European research and education community. It provides unique advantages, such as the ability to signal requirements for capacity across Europe, achieve fast and efficient service request processing (e.g. monitoring and troubleshooting of data transports), and access infrastructure substrates for research and experimentation.
The research both informs and is informed by standardisation, constantly incorporating the work of TMF and ITU-T, and feeding into IETF and OGF. Several of the original contributions have been published in the form of conference papers.


CLI Command-Line Interface
GMPLS Generalised Multi-Protocol Label Switching
IETF Internet Engineering Task Force
ITU-T International Telecommunication Union – Telecommunication Standardisation Sector
NMS Network Management System
NREN National Research and Education Network
OGF Open Grid Forum
TMF Telemanagement Forum

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